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Scholarship Program



For over 125 years, St. John's Church has devoted itself to being a source of help and assistance to the Fishers Island community. The St. John's scholarship program has long been the church's most significant mission with nearly $70,000 in scholarship monies awarded each year to Fishers Island students going on to tertiary education. The scholarship program, started in 1983, has been an important part of growing the year-round community.

While tuition costs have skyrocketed, St. John's goal of giving has remained unchanged. From 2006-2008 we ran a capital campaign that not only raised funds for church needs, but also attained our goal of $1,000,000 for scholarship outreach. With these increased funds, our aim is to encourage island families in their efforts to remain year-round residents by helping them offset the staggering cost of tuition. Moreover, these scholarships make the promise of higher education more attainable for all graduates of the Fishers Island School and for those Fishers Island students who graduate from secondary schools on the mainland. We are increasing the amount awarded each year in line with our resources with the hope of reaching the level of annual tuition at State University of New York schools. These financial grants follow students in good standing from their freshman year of college through a second year of graduate school.

The St. John's funds are from a variety of sources including the capital campaign noted above, the McCance Family Fund, funds designated by the vestry of St. John's, and other general purpose monies. St. John's also manages the Fishers Island Scholarship Fund, a separate fund from an anonymous donor with similar purposes. As of 2010, approximately 125 students have received scholarship grants from St. John's to attend 70 different colleges, universities and graduate schools. St. John's scholarship recipients have attended: Brown University, Vassar College, Boston College, Johns Hopkins University, Rollins College, Middlebury College, Connecticut College and many other fine institutions.

Meris Tombari, who graduated from Brown University in 2008 and is now earning a Master's degree at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY, sums it up best:

"The St. Johns scholarship has played a great role in my off-island education, throughout high school, my undergraduate work, and graduate school. The St. John's scholarship facilitated my recent transition from undergraduate studies to working towards a master's degree in Elementary Education, which would have otherwise been nearly impossible on a private school teaching salary. With this kind of exceptional local support, I have not had to make the difficult decision to put off higher education during trying economic times. I know that my parents have been relieved to know that their bill-paying days are (mostly!) over, and that I am able to be financially independent while taking 6 credits per semester with the help of St. John's. Thanks to this outstanding program, I can focus on my education without worrying about the pressure of paying very large tuition loans far into my future."

St. John's Scholarship Committee

Susie Brinckerhoff, Ashley Harrington, Harry Parker, Bagley Reid, Peter Rugg