St. John's ChurchSt. John's Church, Fishers Island, NY

St. John's Church, Fishers Island, NY



The outreach commitment of St. John's is nondenominational and includes island institutions that support year-round families. Our largest outreach is scholarships that provide encouragement and financial assistance help to underwrite the expenses of the island students who go on to college and graduate school. Grants presently range from $1500 to $3100 each for 25-30 students each year.

The church Endowment Committee manages a number of separate outreach initiatives to support the winter community, the school, or fund special programs. The Sanger Fund is an outreach overseen by Sanger Fund Trustees who recommend grants up to about $25,000 to worthy Fishers Island institutions such as the Community center, the Community Board, the scouts, island affordable health or housing entities or any of the three churches on the island.

St. John's owns three cemetery properties on the Island. These are managed with separate, dedicated capital funds by a committee with representatives of all three island churches for the non-denominational burial needs of all island people.