St. John's ChurchSt. John's Church, Fishers Island, NY

Welcome to St. John's Church

We invite all to St. John's church. St. John's has stood on Fishers Island for more than 127 years. Its parishioners come from cities and states along the Eastern seaboard and across this country and, from around the world. Fishers Island is the summer home for generations of people and St. John’s Chapel is an important part of that experience and tradition for many. If you have been coming to St. John's all your life or are just visiting, you are welcome to visit the church in the summer or peruse the website

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The Rev. Michael Spencer
St. Paul's School

325 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 229-4659 (Off Season)

St. John's Church, Fishers Island, NY